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Writer & Editor
Kelly Baker

Kelly is a full-time writer with a Journalism degree and years of experience publishing thoughtful and informative stories. Kelly has led content efforts at both atlasGO, where she championed fitness and mental health content, and IdentityIQ, where she tackled the world of financial wellness. Her work is featured in The Manual, MyScorelQ, and Credit & Debt, among other publications. Beyond her passion for storytelling, Kelly finds joy in the simple pleasures — curling up with a good book and eating a warm piece of her homemade sourdough bread.

Writer & Editor
Lauren Dempsey

Meet Lauren Dempsey, a San Diego-based freelance writer blending her expertise in fitness and nutrition with a passion for culinary exploration. With over 8 years as a personal trainer, including time at cult-favorite Equinox, Lauren's insights delve deep into wellness. Armed with a nutrition degree from San Diego State University, she savors discovering new flavors while reading, cooking, and strolling along the coast. A devoted pet parent to her husky and tuxedo cat, Lauren’s mission is to inspire others towards healthier living through her engaging writing.

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