blueseventy Review: Elevating Triathlon Gear to New Heights

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As a dedicated triathlete, the quest for the perfect swimwear and accessories that combine comfort, efficiency, and technology is never-ending. Blueseventy, a brand that claims to focus solely on making you faster in the water, has always caught my attention. Here, I dive deep into their offerings, evaluating everything from the quality of their materials to the performance of their products in real-world settings.

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Introduction to blueseventy

Blueseventy, a brand steeped in the triathlon community, boasts a commitment to high-performance swimwear and accessories. They pride themselves on understanding the needs of both professional and amateur swimmers and triathletes. This is not just another swimwear brand; blueseventy offers a targeted approach, designing products that cater specifically to those who seek to optimize every second in the water.

Product Range and Features


At the core of blueseventy’s product lineup is their range of wetsuits and swimskins, designed for both open water and pool swimming. The materials used are top-notch, with a focus on buoyancy, flexibility, and hydrodynamics. Their wetsuits, like the Helix and Sprint models, are crafted from premium neoprene, which provides significant thermal protection and enhances buoyancy. This is critical for cold open water swims, where maintaining core temperature and reducing drag can make a substantial difference in performance.


Goggles and Accessories

Beyond swimwear, blueseventy offers an array of goggles and other swimming accessories. Their Hydra-Vision goggles are a standout, with wide peripheral vision and anti-fog features that ensure clear sight underwater. These goggles fit comfortably, with minimal adjustment needed during long swims, which is a huge plus for any swimmer tired of constantly fiddling with poorly fitting goggles.


Triathlon Apparel

For those who transition from water to land, blueseventy’s triathlon suits and gear provide seamless support. The TX2000 range offers compression, comfort, and quick-drying capabilities, making transitions as efficient as possible. It’s clear that blueseventy has considered the various stages of triathlon events while designing their apparel.

User Experience

Comfort and Fit

Wearing blueseventy’s Helix wetsuit, I noticed immediately how the flexible materials and well-thought-out stitch lines reduced chafing and allowed for a natural range of motion. It’s evident that the company invests heavily in research and development to refine the fit of their wetsuits, optimizing them for both buoyancy and movement.


Performance in Water

Testing the Helix in open water, the difference in buoyancy and hydrodynamics was palpable. The wetsuit helped maintain a good body position, reducing drag and allowing for more efficient swimming. This is where blueseventy’s focus on performance really shines through; every feature of the wetsuit seems designed to enhance swimming efficiency.


Durability and Quality

After several months of use, the materials have held up well against the usual wear and tear. The neoprene remains intact without any signs of overstretching, and the zippers and seams have withstood the constant exposure to saltwater and sun. Blueseventy’s quality craftsmanship is evident, giving athletes like me confidence that their gear won’t fail in critical moments.

Pros and Cons

  • High-Quality Materials: Durable and performance-oriented designs are evident in every product.
  • Specialized Design: From wetsuits to goggles, each product caters specifically to swimmers and triathletes.
  • Focus on Performance: Products are clearly designed with athlete efficiency in mind.
  • Price Point: The high quality comes at a high cost, potentially putting it out of reach for budget-conscious athletes.
  • Limited Style Options: While functional, the style and color options are somewhat limited, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Availability: Depending on your location, some products might not be readily available, which can be a hassle if you require quick replacements or upgrades.

Final Thoughts: Is blueseventy Worth Your Investment?

Blueseventy stands out in a crowded market of swimwear and triathlon apparel due to their unwavering focus on performance and quality. For those who are serious about their swimming and triathlon pursuits, investing in blueseventy’s range can provide a noticeable edge in competitions. The brand’s dedication to research and innovation in aquatic sports technology is evident in the superior performance of their wetsuits and swimskins.


While the price may be higher than some competitors, the durability and specialized design of their products make blueseventy a worthwhile investment for those looking to optimize their performance in water. Whether you’re training for your next triathlon or just looking to improve your swim sessions, blueseventy offers a compelling suite of products that promise to enhance your aquatic experience