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Blinkist is a popular app that offers non-fiction book summaries in audio and text formats. The app claims to help users read or listen to the key ideas from a book in just 15 minutes. With over 4,500 titles in their library, the app offers a wide variety of subjects and genres, including personal development, psychology, business, health, and more. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Blinkist and evaluate its features, pricing, and overall user experience.


Blinkist’s main feature is its book summaries, which are designed to give readers an overview of a book’s main ideas in a concise and digestible format. Each summary is presented in either audio or text format and can be read or listened to in 15 minutes or less. The summaries are written by professional writers and editors who condense the books into their key concepts and arguments.

One of the unique features of Blinkist is the ability to listen to audio summaries while on the go. The app also offers a feature called “Blinkist Shortcasts,” which are short audio summaries of popular podcasts. This feature is great for people who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and ideas but don’t have the time to listen to full-length episodes.

Blinkist also has a feature called “Blinkist Magazine,” which is a collection of articles and interviews with experts in various fields. The articles cover a range of topics, including productivity, creativity, and mental health. This feature adds value to the app and makes it more than just a summary service.


Blinkist offers two pricing plans: Premium Monthly and Premium Annual. The Premium Annual is a pay-per-year scenario that costs $99. The Premium Monthly plan costs $15.99 per month and gives users access to the entire Blinkist library. Premium users can also listen to audio summaries, download summaries for offline reading, and sync their accounts across multiple devices.

While the Premium plan is more expensive than some other book summary services, Blinkist’s extensive library and features justify the price. Additionally, the app offers a 7-day free trial for new users to try out the Premium plan before committing to a subscription.

User Experience

The Blinkist app has a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find and read book summaries. Users can search for specific titles or browse by category, making it easy to find summaries that match their interests. The summaries themselves are well-written and provide a clear overview of the book’s main ideas.

One downside of the app is that it doesn’t offer summaries for every book in its library. While Blinkist has a large selection of titles, users may find that the book they want to read isn’t available in summary form. However, this is a minor issue, and the app’s library is still extensive enough to provide plenty of options for most users.

Another potential downside of Blinkist is that it can’t replace the experience of reading a full-length book. While the summaries provide a good overview of the main ideas, readers may miss out on the details and nuance that come with reading a complete book. However, Blinkist is not intended to replace reading books, but rather to provide a quick and convenient way to access the key ideas from a book.


Overall, Blinkist is a great app for anyone who wants to read or listen to non-fiction book summaries. The app’s extensive library, audio summaries, and Blinkist Magazine feature make it stand out from other book summary services. While the Premium plan is more expensive than some other options, the app’s features and quality of content make it worth the price for those who want to access a wide variety of book summaries. If you’re looking for a convenient way to access key ideas from non