Empowering Women: A Closer Look at Natural Cycles – The Revolutionary Natural Birth Control Solution

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In recent years, there has been a growing interest in natural and non-hormonal methods of birth control. One brand that has emerged as a pioneer in this field is “Natural Cycles.” Developed with a commitment to empowering women with a reliable and natural family planning solution, Natural Cycles has gained attention for its innovative approach to birth control.

Understanding Natural Cycles:

Natural Cycles is not just a contraceptive method; it’s a comprehensive fertility awareness app. The brand relies on the age-old concept of tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle and understanding her body’s natural signs to determine fertility. By leveraging modern technology, Natural Cycles has transformed this traditional approach into a user-friendly, scientifically backed method of birth control.

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How it Works:


Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Tracking:

Natural Cycles utilizes basal body temperature as a key indicator of fertility. Women measure their temperature daily using a highly sensitive thermometer provided by the brand. The subtle rise in temperature after ovulation helps the app determine the fertile and non-fertile phases of the menstrual cycle.


Menstrual Cycle Monitoring:

Users input their menstrual cycle data, including the start and end of their periods, into the app. Natural Cycles uses this information, along with the BBT data, to create a personalized fertility calendar.


Smart Algorithms:

Natural Cycles employs advanced algorithms that analyze the collected data to accurately predict fertility. The app provides users with real-time information, indicating whether it is a “Green Day” (low fertility) or a “Red Day” (higher fertility).



Natural Cycles is not only convenient but also boasts a high level of effectiveness when used correctly. According to clinical studies, when used perfectly, the app has a 98% efficacy rate, making it comparable to hormonal contraceptives. However, as with any birth control method, user compliance plays a crucial role in its success.


Empowering Women with Knowledge:


One of the key advantages of Natural Cycles is its emphasis on educating women about their bodies. By encouraging users to track and understand their menstrual cycles, the app empowers women to take control of their reproductive health. This knowledge can be invaluable, not only for family planning but also for overall well-being.

Safety and Approval:


Natural Cycles is the first and only app of its kind to receive FDA clearance for use as a contraceptive method. This achievement underscores the brand’s commitment to safety and efficacy. It’s important to note that while Natural Cycles is a viable option for many women, it may not be suitable for those with irregular cycles or medical conditions affecting fertility.

Natural Cycles represents a groundbreaking shift in the world of contraception, offering women a natural and empowering alternative to hormonal birth control methods. By combining modern technology with a deep understanding of the female reproductive system, Natural Cycles is reshaping the conversation around family planning, putting the control back in the hands of women. As the demand for non-hormonal birth control options continues to rise, Natural Cycles stands out as a beacon of innovation and empowerment in the realm of women’s health.

Extra 15% Off your Subscription *Exclusive*

Sign up for an annual subscription at Natural Cycles to receive 35% off and use our exclusive offer code to receive an extra 15% off.

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