Nuuly Review: A Fresh Spin on Fashion Rentals

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As an avid fashion enthusiast constantly searching for sustainable and stylish clothing options, I recently tried out Nuuly, a subscription-based clothing rental service. This unique platform offers women an exciting array of apparel choices without the commitment of purchasing the items. After a month-long trial, I’m eager to share my experience with Nuuly, exploring everything from sign-up to the arrival of the fun pieces to my doorstep.

What is Nuuly & How Does it Work?

Nuuly is a fashion rental service that aims to revolutionize the way women approach their wardrobes. By offering a subscription model, Nuuly allows customers to rent clothes from a wide range of high-end brands, vintage pieces, and exclusive designs. For a flat monthly fee of $98, subscribers can pick six items to wear and return, making it a potentially cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fast fashion. What’s even better, if you fall in love with any of the clothes they send you it’s simple to buy and keep the item(s). Also, you never have to worry about washing, dry cleaning, or repairing any items they send you. Nuuly has an extensive in-house, professional laundering service that will take care of that for you.


Nuuly Plan + Pricing

The Sign-Up Process: Simple and Seamless

Signing up for Nuuly was a breeze. The website is user-friendly, with clear instructions and an intuitive layout. To start, I provided basic information like my email address, clothing size, and shipping details. One of the standout features during the sign-up process was the style quiz. This quiz tailored the browsing experience by asking questions about my style preferences, typical clothing sizes, and favorite brands. Based on my responses, Nuuly personalized my clothing recommendations, which made the selection process much more efficient and enjoyable.

Choosing Clothes: A Plethora of Options

The variety of clothing available on Nuuly is impressive. From well-known brands like Anthropologie and Free People to smaller indie labels, the breadth of choices catered to a wide range of styles and occasions. Each item on the website is accompanied by detailed information, including fabric content, length measurements, and user reviews that include real-world pictures of the clothes, which was invaluable for me to make an informed choice about which items to choose.


For my month’s selection, I leaned towards mini dresses perfect for the spring season. Given my previous positive experiences with Anthropologie, I picked a few pieces from their latest collection, confident in their fit and quality. To add some spice and test the waters, I also chose items from Blue Tassel and Forever the Girl—two brands I hadn’t tried before but had heard promising reviews about.


The website interface made this process enjoyable and hassle-free. Filters for size, color, style, and brand made narrowing down choices easy, although the sheer variety did have me spending a good hour just browsing through the delightful array!

The Waiting Game: Shipping and Receiving

Post-selection, my package was dispatched within two days, and I received it within five days. Each item arrived in impeccable condition, neatly folded and packed in a lovely, post-consumer recycled garment bag, that spoke volumes of Nuuly’s attention to detail. The anticipation of trying on the dresses was met with the joy of them fitting just as expected—thanks to the accurate size guides provided on the site. It’s such a relief when the clothes you order online actually fit correctly, I can’t tell you how many times I order online and have to return since the sizing guide isn’t very detailed. This was no issue with Nuuly, so easy!


Wearing the Trends: My Experience with the Clothes

During my month with Nuuly, each piece I chose became a part of my everyday life, weaving into my personal style narrative and offering me a fresh perspective on spring trends. Here’s a deeper dive into how each brand I chose contributed to my experience and how the clothes fit into various aspects of my life.

Anthropologie: The Familiar Favorite

I began with Anthropologie, a brand I’ve always resonated with due to its unique blend of bohemian and modern chic styles. The dresses I chose were quintessential Anthropologie: floral prints, delicate fabrics, and designs that spoke of spring’s renewal. Wearing these dresses felt effortlessly stylish. They transitioned smoothly from a casual day spent browsing local art galleries to more formal evening dinners. One midi dress, in particular, featured a light, airy fabric and a print that seemed to capture the essence of a spring garden in bloom—perfect for the season’s many outdoor events.

Blue Tassel: The New Bohemian

Exploring Blue Tassel was an adventure into vibrant colors and intricate patterns. The piece I selected was the Tiered Lace Tunic Dress, which epitomized the brand’s flair for combining bohemian vibes with a touch of modern sophistication. This dress was a standout with its tiered lace detailing, offering a playful yet elegant aesthetic perfect for a variety of settings.

The craftsmanship of the dress stood out particularly; every lace detail was impeccably done, showcasing the quality that Blue Tassel is known for. It was easy to dress up with a pair of heels and some fine jewelry, or down with flats and a denim jacket, adapting effortlessly to whatever the day held. This versatility, paired with the distinctive style of the dress, made my experience with Blue Tassel a highlight of my month with Nuuly.

Forever the Girl: The Trendsetter’s Choice

My experience with Forever the Girl was encapsulated in one remarkable piece: the Eyelet Mini Dress. Described as the embodiment of boho dreams, this dress featured ruffles strategically placed to enhance its feminine charm, subtle lace accents, and a wonderfully lived-in feel that seemed tailor-made for an earthy, bohemian aesthetic.

Wearing the Eyelet Mini Dress, I felt as if I had stepped into a carefully curated world of bohemian luxury. The dress’s design was thoughtful, with each detail from the lace to the ruffles adding a layer of sophistication that made it stand out in any setting. It was perfect for a leisurely stroll through the city’s botanical gardens or enjoying an outdoor music festival, where the dress’s playful yet refined look could truly shine.

The fabric’s quality was evident, holding up beautifully throughout the day and maintaining its chic appearance without sacrificing comfort. The dress was exceptionally versatile, easy to dress up for an evening event with elegant sandals and statement jewelry, or down for a more casual look with ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat.

Forever the Girl’s Eyelet Mini Dress not only met but exceeded my fashion expectations, blending trendsetting design with bohemian inspirations to create a piece that was both striking and effortlessly wearable. It brought a sense of joy and style to my everyday wardrobe, making my trial with Nuuly even more memorable.

The Overall Experience

Across all the brands, the constant was the quality and freshness of each piece. Nuuly ensures that each item arrives in pristine condition, which made each outfit feel like a brand-new purchase. This was particularly evident in the way the fabrics felt and how well each item held up under different types of use—from daily wear to more special occasions.


The best part of my Nuuly experience was definitely the opportunity to try out such a wide range of styles and brands, all without the commitment of buying them outright. Each piece not only allowed me to explore different facets of my personal style but also gave me the freedom to enjoy seasonal trends without any long-term commitment. The flexibility Nuuly offers, along with their consistent high quality, really made my month-long trial special. It left me with a newfound appreciation for the convenience and fun of fashion rental.

The Cherry on Top: Buying What You Love

One of the standout features of Nuuly that deserves a special mention is the option to purchase any of the items you’ve rented, often at a significantly discounted price. This option became particularly appealing to me as the month progressed and I found myself growing quite fond of a floral mini dress from Anthropologie and a chic piece by Forever the Girl.

Here’s how it works: as you rent and wear the pieces, Nuuly offers the chance to buy them if you can’t bear to send them back. The prices for purchase are discounted based on the retail price and the age of the garment. For instance, the Anthropologie dress was available for purchase at nearly 56% off its retail value—a deal that felt like a steal for a dress that I knew I loved and would wear repeatedly.

The process of purchasing an item was as seamless as the rest of the Nuuly experience. Within my account dashboard, there was a straightforward option to ‘buy’ the dresses, and with a couple of clicks, they were mine to keep. It felt satisfying to not only enjoy the variety of fashion but also have the opportunity to own a piece that I knew fit well and complemented my style without the guilt of full retail splurge.

This feature is especially beneficial for those moments when a piece resonates with your personal style so well that returning it feels almost painful. It also adds an element of surprise to the monthly subscription—akin to shopping but with the advantage of a trial run before making the final decision. Whether it’s a statement piece for special occasions or a versatile dress for everyday wear, the opportunity to keep your favorites ensures that nothing you grow attached to has to be a temporary joy.

Worry-Free Wardrobe: Nuuly’s No-Risk Rental Assurance

An exceptional aspect of the Nuuly subscription that significantly enhanced my experience is their worry-free approach to the wear and tear that might occur during a rental period. Understanding that accidents can happen, Nuuly has established a policy where there are no additional charges for damages or repairs, removing any anxiety over potential mishaps.


During my trial, this no-risk policy allowed me to wear each piece with ease, knowing that the normal wear and tear wouldn’t result in extra fees. Whether it was a catch while zipping up a dress or a minor spill during a brunch, I could relax and enjoy wearing each item without the looming concern over potential repair costs.


Nuuly’s approach here is quite refreshing. By covering minor damages and repairs, they promote a carefree experience that lets subscribers truly enjoy their fashion choices. This policy not only alleviates the stress often associated with handling delicate designer wear but also encourages more adventurous style choices. After all, what better way to experiment with your style than with the assurance that you can wear bold, perhaps more delicate pieces without the fear of footing a hefty repair bill?


This level of customer-centric service fosters a deeper trust in Nuuly’s service and builds a strong case for why it stands out in a sea of fashion rental platforms. It’s about enjoying fashion in the moment, fully and freely, which is precisely what Nuuly facilitates.

Logistics and Support: Returns and Customer Service

Returning the dresses was as straightforward as receiving them. Nuuly provided a pre-paid return label, and the same garment bag is reused for returns, emphasizing sustainability. I had a query about extending a rental for a dress I particularly liked, and customer service was exemplary—responsive, helpful, and personable.

Nuuly Unpacked: Pros and Cons

  • Wide Range of Brands and Styles: From high-end to contemporary labels, the choices are vast.
  • Ease of Use: The website is user-friendly, and the entire process from selection to return is streamlined.
  • Quality of Clothing: Every piece was in excellent condition, and the brands lived up to their reputations.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Changing outfits without the guilt of buying is a huge plus.
  • Risk Free: There’s no need to worry about damages or stains to the items as there are no fees associated with these issues.
  • Customer Service: Quick and efficient responses made the whole experience smoother.
  • Limited Stock: Popular sizes and items can be out of stock quickly.
  • Subscription Cost: While reasonable, $98 monthly can add up if you’re not using the service to its fullest every month.

Final Thoughts: Is Nuuly Worth It?

After a month of trendy dresses and seamless service, I can affirmatively say that Nuuly stands out in the crowded space of clothing rental services. The blend of quality, variety, and user experience makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to spice up their wardrobe temporarily without the environmental or financial burden of permanent purchases.


Would I recommend Nuuly? Absolutely, especially if you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with styles and brands but doesn’t want to commit to full-price purchases. It’s a delightful way to keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting without breaking the bank or the planet. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone looking to try out new trends responsibly, Nuuly offers a subscription service that meets the mark, stylishly and sustainably.


$15 Off First 2 Months For New Subscribers

Rent Any 6 items From 400+ Brands

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