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Willow Pump is a wearable breast pump that provides a discreet and convenient way for moms to pump breast milk. The pump is small, quiet, and can be worn inside a bra, making it easy to pump on the go. In this review, we will discuss the features of the Willow Pump, its benefits, and any drawbacks.




The Willow Pump is designed to be worn inside a bra, freeing up moms’ hands and allowing them to pump on the go. The pump is small and discreet, with no tubes or cords, making it easy to use in public or at work. The pump is also quiet, so moms can pump without drawing attention to themselves.


The Willow Pump uses a proprietary technology called “Smart Pump” that adjusts the suction and speed based on the mom’s milk flow. This helps to ensure optimal milk output and reduce discomfort. The pump also has a spill-proof design, so moms don’t have to worry about leaking milk.


The pump comes with a reusable container that can hold up to four ounces of breast milk. The container is easy to use and clean, with a one-piece design that eliminates the need for multiple parts.




The Willow Pump offers several benefits for breastfeeding moms. First, its discreet and portable design allows moms to pump whenever and wherever they need to, without having to find a private space. This is particularly helpful for working moms who need to pump on the go.


Second, the Smart Pump technology helps to ensure optimal milk output and reduce discomfort. Moms can customize the suction and speed settings to their individual needs, making pumping a more comfortable and efficient experience.


Finally, the spill-proof design of the pump and the reusable container help to minimize waste and make pumping more eco-friendly.




While the Willow Pump has many benefits, it does have some drawbacks. First, the pump is relatively expensive compared to traditional breast pumps. This may make it less accessible to some moms, particularly those who do not have insurance coverage for breast pumps.


Second, some moms may find the pump’s suction to be less strong than traditional breast pumps. While the Smart Pump technology is designed to adjust to the mom’s milk flow, some moms may prefer a more consistent suction.


Finally, the reusable container that comes with the pump may not be suitable for all moms. Some moms may prefer to use disposable bags for storing breast milk, as they are more convenient and reduce the risk of contamination.


Overall, the Willow Pump is a convenient and discreet option for moms who need to pump breast milk on the go. Its Smart Pump technology helps to ensure optimal milk output and reduce discomfort, while its spill-proof design and reusable container make it more eco-friendly than traditional breast pumps. However, the pump’s relatively high price and less consistent suction may make it less accessible or less suitable for some moms.