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Public Goods is a company that aims to provide high-quality, eco-friendly household and personal care products at affordable prices. They market themselves as a “one-stop-shop” for sustainable living, offering everything from household cleaning products and personal hygiene items to food and snacks.

One of the things I appreciate about Public Goods is their commitment to sustainability. All of their products are cruelty-free and made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. They also use minimal packaging and offer refillable options for some of their products, which helps reduce waste.


In terms of product selection, Public Goods offers a wide range of options that cover most of the essentials for daily living. I was impressed with the quality of their products, which include everything from shampoo and conditioner to cleaning supplies and pantry staples like olive oil and peanut butter. While they don’t offer an extensive selection of products, they do offer a good range of items for most needs.


Pricing is where Public Goods really shine. While their products are not the cheapest on the market, they are certainly affordable and competitive compared to other eco-friendly and sustainable brands. The fact that they offer their products at a lower cost than most of their competitors is a huge selling point, especially for those looking to make more sustainable choices without breaking the bank.


One potential downside of Public Goods is their subscription model. While they do offer the option to purchase individual products, their pricing is geared towards customers who sign up for a subscription. While I appreciate the convenience of having products automatically delivered to my door, I can see how this model might not be the best fit for everyone. That being said, their subscription model is easy to manage and cancel, so it’s not a significant issue.


Another potential downside of Public Goods is their limited product selection. While they do offer a good range of items, they don’t have everything that someone might need, and customers may need to look elsewhere for more specialized products. However, for those looking for basic household and personal care items, Public Goods is an excellent option.


Customer service is another area where Public Goods excels. I found their website easy to navigate, and their customer support team was helpful and responsive. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, which shows that they stand behind their products and are committed to customer satisfaction. I had a first-hand experience with their customer service when I ordered a bunch of hand soaps and lotions for my Airbnb. A few of them came with a broken cap. Public Goods immediately refunded me.


Overall, I think Public Goods is an excellent option for anyone looking to make more sustainable choices without breaking the bank. Their commitment to sustainability, affordable pricing, and quality products make them a strong contender in the eco-friendly and sustainable product space. While their subscription model and limited product selection may not be the best fit for everyone, I think they offer an excellent value proposition for those looking for basic household and personal care items.